About Tesmec Middle East

TESMEC Middle East is the sole agent, exclusive supplier and dealer of TESMEC trenching machines and equipment in Qatar. Tesmec designs, manufactures and sells products, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructures related to the transport and distribution of energy, data and material (oil and derivatives, gas, water) such as: overhead and underground networks, traditional and high speed railway lines, energy cables and pipelines, electronic devices and sensors for the management, monitoring and energy automation

TESMEC, founded in 1951, manufacture:

  • Tension Stringing Equipment for High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Trenchers and Surface Miners up to 760 HP
  • Railway vehicles and equipment for construction, maintenance and diagnostics of railway lines
  • Solutions for different voltage classes (high, medium and low) to face the new technological challenges related to renewable energy sources and distributed generation

Since 1984, TESMEC has been building hard rock trenchers to operate continuously under extreme conditions. Thanks to the heavy construction and the drive train design, these trenchers are the ideal choice for the most difficult conditions all over the world.

In 2000 TESMEC S.p.A. introduced their trenching machines into Qatar.

Why a Tesmec Trencher?

All last years’ development of Tesmect trenchers have been focused on what we know to be the basic key drivers for contractors:

RELIABILITYto ensure that maximum uptime is achieved and to allow non-stop work also for double shift and extreme conditions

Ability to economically trench in the VERY HARD ROCKS, considered not trenchable for the previous generations of machines

MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY even in the hardest conditions, allowed by Innovative excavation techniques. New concept Tesmec load control

LOW OPERATING COST allowed by new digging teeth and easier maintenance and servicing

Why to buy a TESMEC trencher instead of a dirt trencher?

The answer is simple: a TESMEC trencher can easily dig soft soil; a dirt trencher cannot cut rock efficiently.

Besides Tesmec trenchers are equipped with high-level components and can provide the best cost efficiency and productivity. The main features are:

– Diesel engine for heavy-duty
– power transmission by hydrostatic drive with flywheel gearboxes
– an automatic digging system with fast-acting creep control
– automatic hydraulic stabilizers
– new electronic control system TrenchTronic.