What is a Trencher Machine?

Trencher Machines are a type of heay equipment for excavation in different kind of soil,including hard rock.One trencher TESMEC Trencher machine results in productivity equivalent to upto 15 traditional excavator machines.As such,Trencher machines are quickly becoming the eco-friendly,cost-effective choice for contractors.

What are the suitable applications for TESMEC Trencher Machines?

TESMEC Trenchers are suitable for Pipelines, Fiber Optic & Power Cables, Quarries, Surface Mining, Bulk Excavation of Rock, as well as Sewage, Dewatering and Drainage projects. There are also special applications for TESMEC Trenchers, as the machines are applicable on all ground conditions and thrive on the hardest and most abrasive rock, including granite and basalts.

What are the advantages of using TESMEC Trencher Machines in terms of running cost?

The running cost of using TESMEC trencher machines is consistently less than the conventional method of excavation such as Jack Hammer or Excavator because of the following reasons:
– One machine replaces several excavators and attachments(less maintenance,less machine waste and transport,less consumption of diesel,oil,and lubricants,etc.)
– Fewer manpower requirements results in less expenditures(operation requires only 1 operator and 1 helper per machine)
– Excavated material can immediately be used for back-filling without the need for transportation and crusher.

What makes TESMEC Trenchers the eco-friendly choice for dig projects?

TESMEC Trenchers certainly are the choice for dig projects:
– Fewer machines required for the same productivity when compared to the jack-hammer excavation method,result in:

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less working space
  • Fewer manpower requirements
  • Faster project completion
  • Less dust emission
  • Less noise emission
  • Less overall vibration

– Trencher machines replace the harsh alternatives of:

  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Rippers
  • Primary crushing

– TESMEC Trenchers work in confined spaces,resulting in less potential for traffic disturbance

– TESMEC Trenchers produce dug material more likely to be recycled:

  • Finer
  • Consistent
  • Ready-to-use backfill
  • On-site screening

– Trenches are created with:

  • Exact required dimensions
  • Flat ground and wall surfaces
  • No unneeded digging clearance