Tesmec Trencher in Applications


Raw material transport in the oil & gas field is extremely crucial and strategic. Secure and reliable energy transport infrastructures are essential for global energy and geopolitical balance.

Although the excavation process represents a small part of a pipeline construction cost, it is an important step that can slow down the activities of the work site, if not done with the right techniques. Using Tesmec technologies for pipelines excavation will provide:

– Efficient operations in the work site
– Efficient and high quality excavation
– Automated process control (GPS pilot and electronic management)

Tesmec trenchers have been used in pipeline projects worldwide for thirty years. Recently, they are playing a key role in the field of Shale Gas.


Telecommunication networks are mostly underground in order to minimize the environmental impact and damage from weathering. Trenches with specific paths in extra and urban areas are excavated for the installation of telecommunication networks.

Tesmec trenchers are especially designed for the installation of underground conduits for telecommunications networks. In particular they are engineered for the following applications:

– Long-distance networks
– Urban rings
– Access networks

It is possible to choose the most suitable trencher for each of these applications.


Tesmec offers advanced machines and high-level services in the field of civil infrastructure. Tesmec digging machines find application in the following fields:

– Bulk excavation:
Tesmec surface miners are especially designed for bulk excavation and ensure leveling and high productivity

– Railway soil preparation:
Tesmec Rock Hawg are the ideal machines for the Railway soil preparation

– Maintenance of urban work sites:
A multipurpose and versatile machine designed by Tesmec is the perfect solution for urban work sites

– Urban drainage systems:
Tesmec machines are the best choice for urban drainage works


The demand for food is growing due to the world population increase: to cover the growing demand for food, the agricultural sector needs more and more fertile and productive soils.

Tesmec contributes to meet this requirement through the series of Tesmec trenchers and surface miners for agricultural applications.

Tesmec trenchers and surface miners can be used for many fundamental agricultural applications, such as:
– Soil reclamation, through bulk excavations
– Agricultural drainage, by excavating trenches with controlled slopes
– Irrigation network construction, through a grid of trenches


Tesmec machines are used for the construction of urban infrastructures, such as sewers and water pipelines, and extra urban infrastructures for transporting water over long distances, such as channels. Tesmec machines, thanks to their efficiency and accuracy, are the ideal solutions for excavation works in urban areas (even in confined spaces and with limited access) and extra urban, under any environmental condition. Moreover, the management of the site is easier and safer thanks to Automatic Laser for Grade Control or GPS systems and to the automatic setting of the excavation.